Saturday, December 3, 2011

More album news

Just received word that the album was delivered to Amazon MP3 today and that's very encouraging news.  If it doesn't hit iTunes on the 6th at least it may be available by the date I had planned on Amazon.  Suddenly I feel better!  The link to the booklet will go live whenever the album drops! :-)

Although I started backing up the hard disk masters shortly after the album was finalised there are still a number of tracks still on the hard disk so I'm probably going to have to back those up soon and erase them to make room for any new material I may feel inspired to record.  As I have stated before the next project I want to work on is a ballet and I anticipate that taking a while to do since I've only written a few pieces for it and none of them have been committed to disk.  I have time though and I'm in no hurry to jump into another project since THE LINE isn't even out.  I just need to rest and let the batteries recharge!

Peace Out!

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