Friday, June 1, 2012

On the hunt again...

Well, I lost the job.  But that's okay because it turned out to be a..., errr, a fucking colossal fist fuck up my arse that caused me a stroke, fucked up my brain and just sucked every last living bit of spirit out of me.  But...after a few days free from that shit, I will be great.  I'm going out to my sister's ranch to rest and recover and then we're going to meet a healer who will hopefully help me through all of the tumult in my life as of late.

I know I'm not an incredibly passive person, and what I know I do indeed know.  When I'm around some old stupid people who are unable to change their antiquated and ineffective ways they always panic and think that they will become unneeded.  Well, that's life so just move over you ineffective and more than inadequate fuck.  God bless him because Lord know he really needs it as he has a staff of employees who are underpaid, mistreated and quite upset that the person who organized things and improved on daily procedure (moi) is gone.  I wish them well and hope they will all move on to better situations as they certainly deserve to be.


Sunday, March 11, 2012


HaHa!  Yes, the whole album is up on SoundCloud now and available for listening.  If you like what you hear go and get it!  I changed the cover artwork especially for this version since I was getting a bit tired of seeing my mug strained and posing.  The new cover, as seen below, features a somewhat scruffier me with a severe overcoat and gloves.

I will be posting additional tracks from THE LiNE sessions eventually but I just wanted to get the album up there for now.  If you're too fucking cheap and don't want to help a brother (or sister depending on what day it is) out this is your cheap-ass alternative!  I hope you like ass!

Here's the link to go and listen to the album:  THE LiNE

Friday, February 17, 2012

Things are back on track...again.

Hello!  Things have been going well lately and I'm happy to say that I'm enjoying my new job.  I also got paid a very nice compliment by several people I work with.  One day I knocked over a stack of shirts with my arse and she asked, "What happened?" to which I replied, "I knocked them over with my big booty!" To which she said, "What booty?  You're so damn skinny, you don't even have a booty!"  I guess it's true that people who've been relatively heavy most of their lives can never find it in their consciousness to think of themselves as skinny and I still don't see it in spite of having lost over 60 pounds since 2008.

A few years back when I was working at a furniture store, I had the pleasure of working with some really big samoan guys who were just the kindest gents you'd ever want to meet.  As per usual we would all go to lunch together after we unloaded the truck.  Well, one day I didn't feel like eating since I was fearful of gaining weight.  This one guy named Tupu who is about 6'7" said this to me when I told him I wasn't going to eat out of fear of getting fat again.  "You fucking skinny ass people piss me off!"  To which I replied, "Did you call me skinny?"  Sad, but true.

Well, I would still love to lose 25 pounds more so that I will be at what I call my ideal weight 160!  Is that too much.  I am 6'1" so I am worried that I may resemble a walking stick eventually, but I'll worry about that when I get there.  At least I'm doing it sensibly with exercise, good eating and a clear mind.  I hope I get there by at least June.  Happy 50th skinny arse is what I want to hear on that day!


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The (NEW) Human Adventure is beginning again!

Well Boy and Girl...not new job begins tomorrow and I can honestly say that I'm bloody nervous and antsy right now.

I certainly hope that I don't bugger this up and that I'm able to do a great job!  I'm very excited about this new adventure and to be in charge is something that I've wanted for so long!  I am praying for guidance and help along the way and will be keeping my mind open and positive.

Now, yes, I have my musical career but that certainly isn't helping to pay the bills so I've got to live in the real world and work in the real world.  Wish me luck every one (and I mean that figuratively)!  Here I come world...put up your dukes!  Let's go! WOOF!



Thursday, January 12, 2012

The New Single Release

HAPPY? is the new single.  Decided to try something a bit different with this single release.  There will be no duplication of the album version on the single as I have remixed and extended the track.  A very simple video has been produced to accompany this extended version, which is sub-titled THE MORE THAN HAPPY REMIX.  Since there were very few extra tracks left over from the recording sessions, this release will include only one non-album track; a very short (falling out of) love song entitled 5 WORDS TO SAY GOODBYE.  The single will drop tomorrow on for free download and WHEN i WAS A BOY will be deleted.  (See the sidebar to the right of this page). HAPPY? is the second single from the album THE LiNE.

Both the video and download will be active tomorrow.  I hope you like it.  Check out and Like my FaceBook band page where videos for other previously unavailable tracks have been uploaded.  You may also purchase the album directly on the FaceBook band page.

Thank you for your support and kind words of encouragement!   Here's to a happy and productive 2012!


Thursday, January 5, 2012


Here are the links for the two digital booklets that were made in conjunction with the album and first single.  Simply copy the links below to your browser and download them to your computer.  You can also drop them into iTunes.  Enjoy!  Also, per a request from my friend, The Donna, comments have now been enabled.  Bang on!

The link for THE LiNE:

The link for WHEN i WAS A BOY:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another year. Almost done.

...and thank God for that!  A few highlights aside, this has been one shitty year.  Okay the highlights: Lots and lots of classic Jerry Goldsmith scores finally saw the light of day.  Ditto for John Williams, from whom we actually received two new masterpieces (WAR HORSE and THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN) along with the release of his complete score for 1941 and an additional release of the actual film score for NOT WITH MY WIFE YOU DON'T, which came from the good folks at FSM.  Sadly FSM will no longer be releasing CDs via their label but the signs do look good that FSM mastermind Lukas Kendall will continue to "fight the good fight" and get many more film scores released through other channels.

My album came out earlier this month and has been receiving positive notices and moderate sales which is more than I could hope for considering my tiny little "Dog & Pony Show" setup. Some very pointed observations regarding lyrical content, production sensibilities and tone in general have been made by several listeners and it's good to know that my message hasn't gotten muddled in spite of it coming from my warped mind.

I've already completed the remix for the next single, which will be HAPPY?  I've decided to try something a little different with this single and will only be releasing a new extended remix along with a few non-album tracks.  No single release of the album version since it already exists on the album.  No point in overkill, right?  It shall be released in either late January or mid-February.

I've been making and posting a few videos on my Facebook band page of material new and (mostly) old.  I've found it a perfect venue to get some of the stuff that's been sitting around forever out there.  While my video productions are modest affairs, with mainly still images, they're communicating what I want and who could ask for more than that.  I'm still debating what route I should take with HAPPY? and if I should make a video or not and whether I should appear in it at all. Go and take a look at my vids and hopefully you'll enjoy the music as well.

Well, as this fucked up year closes and another, hopefully full of promise, approaches I can't help but get misty when thinking of everything that has transpired.  Good and bad.  For whatever it was, I'm just bloody thankful that it's almost over.  Here's to 2012 and I hope I can get to Arizona, California, Ireland, New York, Houston (or wherever I'm meant to be) before the world is supposed to end in December of 2012...if those Mayans got it right.  I don't want to be stuck here in Hawaii in 2012 and if you saw what happens to the island in the movie 2012 you know what I'm referring to.  I don't like "normal" heat so I know I won't enjoy being reduced to kindling on VOLCANO LAND.

That's it for now kiddies.  I hope your New Year celebrations go off without a hitch and that all of you have nothing but good coming your way!  Wish me the same please cause boy do I fucking need it!

Love to you!