Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two Hours at the piano...

...yields six new songs...well, four actually and two re-written. Woke up from a horrid dream (don't wanna discuss) and felt incredibly prolific though I am feeling rather sleepy now....zzzzz.
Track listing for the new album is growing larger and although I was looking to make it a short affair (nine songs) I'm getting excited about all of these songs and while I have 11 now, I still need to get at least six of them down on disc. Oh, maybe I'll start up the machines and put some tracks down...Still have to haul the keyboards out though. One song is actually from 2001 and it's pretty much done except for the lead vocal. I did have a lead vocal on it but it's crap so forget it. This song was one of my faves but it got the boot from "render" when "render" started to run long...in fact, I think "render" is too long and I should've cut a couple songs, but, whatever...yup, 8 years later and I'm still trying to fix shit that's already done! So typical. Thanks to the cubmeister for keeping me company whilst I was writing....love that chubby little fella!