Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finishing up on three new songs. Still at the writing phase on these though. They have yet to be committed to hard disk. I've been moving more towards piano based tunes this time around and it'll be interesting once I get them recorded to see how they take shape. Oy, my piano playing is a bit rusty. Haven't played in a couple of weeks (more like a month) so the fingers are taking a while to warm up. Cubby is an ever-present source of inspiration. My sister's adorable little dog constantly sits near the screen door where my piano is at and listens to me while I work on songs. He doesn't sleep he just sits there and listens intently. I guess the big positive to that is that he isn't howling while I'm singing...


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oy! My head is spinning!

The smiling ghosty is taking a break and trying to figure out why the machines are refusing to cooperate! Checking the hard drive and everything works fine. I'd better make certain that the EQ isn't causing everything to sound as if I'm trapped in a time tunnel!

It's a blustery day (no pooh bears in sight) and the weather is a little iffy! I feel the beginnings of a sinus headache and these headphones are bugging me past no return! I'm gonna go and have a little mental margarita and chill for a bit!