Monday, September 12, 2011

Album cover art

Although the title kind of got leaked a few months back when I posted the pic of the Angry Bird glaring at the rough mix CD, the final title was still up in the air.  I'd tossed around a couple of them but thought that this was a better summation of everything that had happened over the last couple of years.

THE LINE represents a lot of things but it's mostly about the things that have forced their way into my life and over the proverbial "line".  There was actually a song called "The Line" on the album at one time but it evolved and changed into another song on the album which is entitled "Last Goodbye".  Here is the track listing for the album which will be released in December.  No actual date yet, but look for it in that month.

Colours of Night
When I Was A Boy
Dream of You
This Time
Never Again Will I
Falling Away
The Line Across Hope
Last Goodbye

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Final Lineup Complete!

Okay.  Did a final lineup mastering to CD and on my Mac at 1411 kbps and am just living with these mixes for now.  I can already hear a few things that I'm going to have to fix or redo but it's good to have most, if not all, of the recording completed and out of the way.  I did write and record one more song that I'm thinking may end up being a part of the line up as opposed to being relegated to a hidden track or a b-side.  Haven't really decided what the first single is going to be so I'm going to consult a few people to see what they think.

I'm working on getting things set up with CD Baby in order to get the album up on iTunes as well as a physical release but that will be done within the next few months or so then the album should be good to go in December.  I'm thinking of recording a few Christmas songs to throw on board as a bonus too, but only for download and not on the album proper.

The other thing that has me excited about this project is that it's got a "normal" run time, roughly 40 minutes so it's not like RENDER in pushing the 70 minute mark which is just way too long.  That run time works for RENDER because it dealt with so many different energies and went to so many different places but with the new album, the energies are definitely coming from a similar place so it doesn't need to be as long.  Like I had said, I've managed the art of the 3-4 minute pop song and also, yes, these can all be categorized, if you must, as pop.

Right now I'm trying to get things like artwork and the PDF booklet together so that's occupying a lot of my non-studio time.  There have been other things that have been taking precedence lately: My Uncle Gordon just passed away two days ago so I've been in a very dark and sad place these past few days.  However, I didn't let it overwhelm me too long and I  got my act together this morning in order to do some digital editing and fixing so that I could get the CD ready for me and the others I've chosen to let have a listen.

Till later,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And now the moral dilemma...

How does one go about updating their sound without appearing as if they've sold out?  That's been on my mind with this new album.  I'm very close to finishing it up so that it can be out for Christmas but I'm just a little concerned that some might see it as me trying to appeal to a demographic that I've never given a second thought about previously.  That's not to say that the songs are bright, poppy confections but the overall tone and sound production is something that most people don't connect with me.  Maybe it's a good thing as this may surprise a few people and show that I'm more than just doom and gloom, although there is a fair share of that this time around as well.  Ultimately, it'll all be clear in a few months.