Saturday, March 26, 2011

Well, things are looking up for a change and I hope to have some really awesome news soon! I've been remixing and remastering my 2003 effort RENDER and have been enjoying the process of finally getting to remix some of the songs. Having been able to live with them for all these years has given me a lot of mixed feelings about the final mixes I did back in 03 so this opportunity to come back at the mixes that have always bothered me has been invigorating!

Heretofore vocals that were sometimes buried in the mix have been brought forward and the bass frequency on one track has been corrected. Other elements like backup vocals, keyboard fills and string samples that were either missing or buried on the original mixes have been brought forward and I can say that I'm quite pleased with the results. The majority of the songs haven't been remixed though...only three actually and one was re-transferred from the hard disk master that had some crosstalk interference on the original transfer. Remixed tracks include: SO SORRY, MY BAD, HOUSES ON FIRE, AND THE SKY FALLS and the one that was re-transferred is A HISTORY OF ME. The crosstalk and interference in the last track was very apparent due to the nature of the recording.

Everything has been archived digitally in 24 bit 1411 kbps and other transfers have been made in Apple Lossless Audio with a bit average of 700 kbps. Although compressed, the new transfers sound leagues better than the old 256 and 320 transfers, though most will only get to hear the 256 transfers. I will, however, be creating new 256 versions from the full bit rate master just to ensure that everything sounds as good as an mp3 can sound.

A few posts ago I had made comment about trying to fix things that are eight years old, and while I didn't have the time or energy back then to do it I'm so glad that I have found both.


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