Friday, June 1, 2012

On the hunt again...

Well, I lost the job.  But that's okay because it turned out to be a..., errr, a fucking colossal fist fuck up my arse that caused me a stroke, fucked up my brain and just sucked every last living bit of spirit out of me.  But...after a few days free from that shit, I will be great.  I'm going out to my sister's ranch to rest and recover and then we're going to meet a healer who will hopefully help me through all of the tumult in my life as of late.

I know I'm not an incredibly passive person, and what I know I do indeed know.  When I'm around some old stupid people who are unable to change their antiquated and ineffective ways they always panic and think that they will become unneeded.  Well, that's life so just move over you ineffective and more than inadequate fuck.  God bless him because Lord know he really needs it as he has a staff of employees who are underpaid, mistreated and quite upset that the person who organized things and improved on daily procedure (moi) is gone.  I wish them well and hope they will all move on to better situations as they certainly deserve to be.



Donna said...

I'm sorry to hear it was a giant (unconsenting) fisting! I can't really say that I'm sorry you lost the job because it sounds like you are better off without it. Rest up and reboot!!

Harrison Shinn said...

Thanks sweetheart. You are one of the few who really and truly knows me and we're both similar in the sense that we cannot tolerate inadequacy that masquerades itself as a tried and true formula. The business itself was a clusterfuck and I was always looking for something else whilst there. Hopefully, and God willing it won't be too far away. Love you my great girl!