Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Album Just Grew Another Leg!

I wish I could contain that little monkey who goes by the name of "inspiration" but sometimes he just gets a bug up his arse and has to run.  Yes, I've added another track to the album and unlike the "Interlude" that I had intended on also including but later removed this one is a go! It's called "Nostromo" and was inspired by the novel from Joseph Conrad.  It runs 7:17 and is more along the lines of an art song as opposed to pop.  I was very excited to finish this one and surprised that it was done so quickly considering its adventurous nature.  This song is also very special to me since the film version was the last project that my favourite film director, Sir David Lean, worked on before his passing.  I've always been curious as to how the film would've turned out.  It would probably be another of his widescreen epics but alas we'll never get to see it.  Maybe someone else will take up the call?  The logo above was actually created for when the album was going to be called "Nostromo".  But when it wasn't completed back when I was working heavily on the album I simply put it aside and thought I might revisit it later.  It is a bit of an unusual song and may be a difficult listen to some.  However, I'm so pleased with the way it turned out.  No single potential but worth listening to on a good set of headies!

The album now runs a nice and full 47:07.  Anyway, Good Night and Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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