Monday, November 14, 2011

Album Completed and Single Release!

Hurrah!  All is done! Mixes completed and everything is good to go!  As for the short instrumental track that I just added, it may be deleted from the album and included on the single release.  When I listened to the completed album with the new track included, it just didn't flow well so I'm still uncertain about its fate.  As far as the single release is concerned I am still working on a remix of the track and will be including two or three non-album tracks. The single will be WHEN I WAS A BOY.  The album version of the song will be available on for free download and through other outlets as a paid download which will include the album version, extended version and two or three non-album tracks.  December is right around the corner! :-)

Late P.S. (19 November)- I'm not really happy with the extended version of WHEN I WAS A BOY so it may not be released.

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