Friday, February 17, 2012

Things are back on track...again.

Hello!  Things have been going well lately and I'm happy to say that I'm enjoying my new job.  I also got paid a very nice compliment by several people I work with.  One day I knocked over a stack of shirts with my arse and she asked, "What happened?" to which I replied, "I knocked them over with my big booty!" To which she said, "What booty?  You're so damn skinny, you don't even have a booty!"  I guess it's true that people who've been relatively heavy most of their lives can never find it in their consciousness to think of themselves as skinny and I still don't see it in spite of having lost over 60 pounds since 2008.

A few years back when I was working at a furniture store, I had the pleasure of working with some really big samoan guys who were just the kindest gents you'd ever want to meet.  As per usual we would all go to lunch together after we unloaded the truck.  Well, one day I didn't feel like eating since I was fearful of gaining weight.  This one guy named Tupu who is about 6'7" said this to me when I told him I wasn't going to eat out of fear of getting fat again.  "You fucking skinny ass people piss me off!"  To which I replied, "Did you call me skinny?"  Sad, but true.

Well, I would still love to lose 25 pounds more so that I will be at what I call my ideal weight 160!  Is that too much.  I am 6'1" so I am worried that I may resemble a walking stick eventually, but I'll worry about that when I get there.  At least I'm doing it sensibly with exercise, good eating and a clear mind.  I hope I get there by at least June.  Happy 50th skinny arse is what I want to hear on that day!


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